Relocating to West Palm Beach - a tourist hot-spot - has its pros, especially if you like to get out-and-about. There is always a festival to attend, like SunFest, an annual music, art and waterfront festival. Cultural activities abound in the area with a performing arts center and the largest art museum in Florida, the Norton Museum of Art.

The West Palm Beach moving company, Devries Moving and Storage, would like to offer you a few facts to keep in mind if moving to West Palm Beach: • You wouldn't be the only one to relocate to West Palm Beach. Over 1 million people live in West Palm Beach, plan driving time accordingly; it's no L.A. though • If you are relocating to West Palm Beach from a dryer climate then you should be prepared for some moisture. Thunderstorms are a daily occurrence, especially in the humid summer • Whether people move to West Palm Beach or just visit, the most popular time to be there is in the winter. • Storage space is slim because many homes do not have basements. So making storage arrangements before moving to WPB could be beneficial.


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